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Hornchurch 1956

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Hornchurch]

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The Area Comparability Factor for deaths this year was reduced
from 1.15 to 0.93 which has been instrumental in securing a marked
diminution in the rate.
Mention was made by me in a previous report of the possible
effects consequent on the procedure governing transfers of deaths outlined
by the Registrar-General in October 1952 and which in this
district had particular reference to St. George's Hospital Which is an
Institution including provision for the aged and chronic sick.
It could reasonably be said that three-quarters of the deaths
occurring in this Institution relate to non-Hornchurch residents. Taking
this as a figure from 1953 onwards if this percentage was subtracted
from the deaths occurring in this Institution, then—using the A.C.F.
supplied annually—the Hornchurch rates would be as under:—
Year Hornchurdi Hornchurch excluding 75% of
St. George's Hospital deaths
1953 13.1 10.6
1954 12.1 9.7
1955 11.6 9.3
1956 10.5 7.9
It is true that the A.C.F. during these years varied as under:—
1949 1.19
1950 1.19
1951 1.18
1952 1.18
1953 1.15
1954 1.15
1955 1.15
1956 0.93
but even though the reduction in the A.C.F. was designed from 1953
specifically to deal with the St. George's Hospital figures it even then
clearly failed to cushion the effect of this Institution on the local rates.
This of course is not a problem exclusively concerning Hornchurch but
is one which must give localities placed as ours is or even worse placed
considerable food for thought.



* Area Comparability Factor returned.
The A.C.F. might very generally be translated as one which being
applied to certain local figures makes them suitable for general