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Hornchurch 1956

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Hornchurch]

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Infectious and Other Notifiable Diseases, 1956.

DiseaseTotal eases notifiedNo. of Cases hospitalised
Encephalitis (post-infectious)11
Food Poisoning234
Infective Hepatitis337
Meningococcal infection11
Ophthalmia Neonatorum30
Paratyphoid Fever22
Scarlet Fever1675
Whooping Cough2989

It is interesting to note that in 1936 there were 6 deaths from
Diphtheria; 4 male and 2 female, and in 1926, with an estimated population
of 11,370, 1 death from Diphtheria; in 1946 46 respiratory and 5
other tuberculosis notifications; in 1936 the corresponding figures were
31 and 5 and in 1926 from a smaller population 20 and 5; in 1936 and
1926 each show 3 deaths from Measles.
As compared to the present day these are illuminating figures.
It is relatively satisfactory to see that during the year only some
13 cases were notified in this district although the ratio of paralytic to
non-paralytic has not been of an equally good order.
In all 8 paralytic and 5 non-paralytic cases were notified. The
paralytic cases comprised 5 males aged 29, 18, 15 and 2 years and 3
females aged 10, 7 and 4. The hospital stay varied from 128 days to
21 days.
The lower limb was attacked in 5 instances, the upper limb in one
and both upper and lower in 2.
The cases occurred as follows:—
January 1
February 1
August 2
September 1
November 2
December 1
Follow-up of paralytic cases:
Of the 8 paralytic cases, three appear to have recovered completely;
1 is still in hospital; 3 attend hospital once a week and 1 attends hospital
three times a week.