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Hornchurch 1956

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Hornchurch]

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Sample No.ARTICLENature of Adulteration or IrregularityAction taken
Cpt.1115Milk—alleged to contain piece of glass.Examination of milk showed it to be free from fragments of glass and bottle free from fractures except for rim.Matter considered by Council—no further action.
Cpt.1116Bread.Contained blackish foreign matter consisting of blackened dough.Matter considered by Council—Baker warned.
Cpt.1119Bread —• loaf of.Had a sickly odour and contained damp sticky masses. Objectionable condition of the bread due to the development of 'rope.'Matter considered by Council— Baker warned. Cause for complaint partially due to loaf being cut and wrapped before being cooled down sufficiently.
Cpt.1120Doughnut— portion of.Contained foreign matters in the form of small masses of sacking fibre.Matter considered by Council — Baker warned.
Cpt.1121Orange Drink.Contained a blackish deposit found to consist of mould growth.Matter considered by Council —- Bottling firm warned.
Cpt.1122Milk.Contained foreign matter in the form of mortar or cement.Matter considered by Council — vendor warned.
Cpt.1143Milk.Had an objectionable butyric smell and taste.In co-operation with Milk Regulations Officer arrangements
Cpt.1143aMilk.Had an objectionable butyric smell and taste.for washing bottles and supply of clean bottles investigated.
Cpt.1144Milk.Had an objectionable butyric smell and taste.In view of unsatisfactory position farmer decided to discontinue bottling of milk.
Cpt.1145Milk.Contained foreign matter in the form of fragments of leaf tissue.Matter considered by Council — Bottling firm warmed.
Cpt.1146Milk — in alleged dirty bottle.Analyst reported that milk free from extraneous mineral matter but inner surface of bottle showed patches of white film which was magnified when bottle full of milk.No action necessary.