London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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Hornchurch 1956

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Hornchurch]

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Dripping2Ruti Concentrate1
Egg Custard Tarts1Salad Cream1
Fish Fingers1Sausages, Beef5
Fruit Pudding1Sausages, pork3
Gelatine1Sausage Meat, pork1
Ginger Beer3Saveloys1
Glucose Drink1Scones1
Glucose Lozenges1Self-raising flour2
Golden Raising Powder1Soup, Cream of Tomato2
Honey1Steak and Kidney Pie2
Horseradish, grated1Suet, shredded beef2
Ice Cream31Sugar1
Ice Cream Mix1Tapioca Flakes1
Jelly ,1Tomato Juice1
Jelly Cream1Tomato Ketchup1
Jelly Crystals2Tomato Puree1
Kidneys, braised1Tomato Sauce1
Kreemy Fruits1Vegetable Soup1
Lemon Juice1Vinegar1
Lemon Squash1Venegar, malt1
Lemonade Powder1Wheat Embryo1
Lollies15Apricot Liqueur1
Marmalade1Chocolate Liqueur bottles1
Meat Patties1Cointreau1
Meat Pudding1Gin1
Meat Soup1Rum1
Milk bottle1Wine Cocktail1
Milk, condensed2Acriflavine Balm1
Milk, evaporated1Adrexalin Liquid1
Milk Chocolate Cake Coating1Ammoniated Tincture of Quinine2
Mincemeat1Baby Cough Syrup1
Mint in Vinegar1Bisurated Magnesia1
Orange Curd1Bronchial Balsam1
Orange Squash2Calamin Cream1
Peas, Garden1Calamine Lotion1
Pastry Mix1Calsimil Tablets1
Puff Pastry1Camphorated Oil1
Puff Pastry Mix1Cherry Bark Linctus1
Pudding Mixture1Chest and Throat Antiseptic1
Ravioli with Tomato Sauce1
Rice, flaked1Chloro-Yeast Tablets1
Rice, granulated1Citrate of Magnesia1
Rice, ground1Cold Capsules2
Roe Liver Paste.,1Cold sore ointment1