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Hendon 1908

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Hendon RDC]

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Name of Sanitary District.Drainage and Sewerage of existing Buildings.DisinfectionDust.Sundry Nuisances Abated.Remarks as to any other matters, or in explanation of previous columns.
Water Closets.Percentage of Houses provided with Water Closets.Drains.Cesspools.Percentage of Houses Draining into Sewers.Rooms Disinfected (a) Ordinary Infectious Diseases, (b) Phthisis.Rooms Stripped and Cleansed.Articles Disinfected or Destroyed, (à) Ordinary Infectious Disease, (á) Phthisis.New Bins Provided.How frequently is dust removed from each house?Number of Complaints of Non-Removal received.Method of Disposal (a) Destructor. (6) by Tipping, (c) Other, state method.Overcrowding.Smoke.Accumulations of Refuse.Foul Ditches, Ponds, etc., and Stagnant Water.Foul Pigs and other Animals.Dampness.Yards Repaved or Repaired.Other Nuisances.
Number of Water Closets Substituted for Dry Receptacles.Repaired, Supplied with Water, or otherwise Improved.Examined, Tested, Exposed, etc.Unstopped, Repaired, Trapped, etc.Waste Pipes, Rain Water Pipes Disconnected, Repaired, etc.New Soil Pipes o<r Ventilating Shafts fixed.Existing Soil Pipes or Ventilating Shafts repaired.Disconnecting Traps or Chambers Inserted.Reconstructed.Rendered Impervious, Emptied, Cleansed, etc.Abolished, and Drain connected to Sewer.
Edgware9101041364(a) 31No record kept.Weekly.2Tipping and Disposal of Kefuse at Brick Fields.4661913In "Inspections," and "Notices" columns the figures include complaints and inspections as to House Refuse and Caravans.
Little Stanmore417143713('a) 511254153
Great Stanmore6351441733(a) 12112423433
Harrow Weald7181617251(a) 125x21011343
Pinner113515262531(a) 104176974
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