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Hendon 1908

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Hendon RDC]

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District of Hendon Rural Council.

Name of Sanitary District.Inspections*Notices.Dwelling Houses.Houses let in Lodgings. (Tenement Houses.)Common Lodging Houses.
Number of Premises Inspected on Complaint.Number of Premises Inspected in connection with Infectious Diseases.Number of Premises under Periodical Inspection.Houses Inspected from House to House.Total Number of Inspections and Re-inspeotions made.Cautionary or Intimation Notices Given.Statutory Orders Issued.Summonses Served.Convictions Obtained.Houses, Promisee, etc., Cleansed, Repaired, etc.Closed as Unfit for Habitation. (a) As result of action under H.W.C. Acts. (b) Otherwise.Re-opened after Repairs, Alterations, etc.Demolished.Illegal Underground Dwellings Vacated.Number Registered under Bye-Laws.Number of Contraventions.Number Registered under Bye-Laws.Number of Inspections made.Number of Contraventions.
Little Stanmore667107833339251(a)
Great Stanmore1115155935766216
Harrow Weald6392461431126191(b)
Pinner6119371696571341371 (b)
Total93156934022169409131191 (a) 2(b)
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*N.B.—(3) Inclndes all classes of premises under periodical supervision such as Cowsheds, Dairies, Slaughterhouses, Workshops and Workplaces, &c.
(5) Includes all visits and re-visits made by Sanitary Inspectors in connection with 1—4.
Particulars as to Staff employed in Sanitary Department:—One Inspector, who also superintends the Removal of House Refuse, and acts as
Inspector under the Petroleum Acts.

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