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Hendon 1933

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Hendon]

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structed to refer any child suspected of mal nourishment to the appropriate
centre for examination and altogether during the year 200 children were
found whose nutritional condition could be regarded as sub-normal.
It is very difficult to be precise in this matter as there obviously can be
no definite standard for groups of children, the height and weight standard
in relation to age being fallacious. The only reasonable standard is the
expert knowledge of the examining officer accustomed to seeing many children
in a normal nutritional state and it is on that solely, that those referred were
The general standard of cleanliness throughout the schools is satisfactory
and is improving.
Periodical visits are paid by the school nurses to each school and all
children are examined.
Altogether 835 children fell below a reasonable average in this respect
and in four cases it was necessary to have the children cleansed at one of the
centres but in no case was it necessary to take proceedings against the
parents, the desired standard being achieved by persuasion.
The treatment of minor ailments is generally carried out by nurses and
includes such conditions as minor diseases of the skin, eyes, cuts, bruises,
burns, etc. It is advisable to undertake such treatment early so that the
risk of sepsis and other troubles may, as far as possible, be avoided and interference
with the child's school life reduced to a minimum.
A Medical Officer is present on certain days during the week as many
children present themselves with conditions which are too serious to be safely
dealt with by the school nurse in attendance.
The following Table shows the number of attendances at the Minor
Ailment Clinics during the year 1933 :—


Burroughs House, Hendon1908
Child's Hill3449
West Hendon5784
Watling Estate17786