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Hendon 1896

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Hendon]

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The total number of cases of Infectious Disease during the
year coming to the knowledge of the Medical Officer of Health was
950 as against 237 in 1895, and 817 in 1894.

The following are the amounts incurred for notification of the lifferent diseases during the year:—

Scarlet Fever13100
Whooping Cough2046
Typhoid Fever100
Small Pox0126
Membranous Croup026
Puerperal Fever076
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It will be seen that out of this total £94 11s. Od. was incurred
for notification of Measles and Whooping Congh.
The dusting is performed by contract, there being three
different contracts for the different Wards. One of the conditions
of the contract is that the collection of the dust-bins shall
be removed weekly. Numerous complaints reached us in June
last of the non-removal of dust refuse, and of the great nuisance
caused by the obnoxious smells arising from decomposition.
These complaints came mainly from Hendon Central Ward, where,
in some instances, weeks had elapsed between the visit of the dust
cart. This matter was fully reported to you by myself and the
Sanitary Inspector at a meeting of the Council. The contractor
stated that the dusting could not be efficiently done at the

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