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Friern Barnet 1908

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Friern Barnet]

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Unstopped, Repaired, Trapped. &c.41
Waste Pipes, Rain Water Pipes Disconnected, Repaired &c.16
New Soil Pipes or Ventilating Shafts fixed22
Existing Soil Pipes or Ventilating Shafts repaired-
Disconnecting Traps or Chambers Inserted68
Cesspools—Rendered Impervious, Emptied, Cleansed, &c.-
Abolished and Drain connected to Sewer-
Percentage of Houses Draining into SewersAll
Rooms Disinfected (a) Ordinary infectious disease (b) Phthisis, (a) 97 (b) 3 Inclusive of those after Phthisis.
Rooms Stripped and Cleansed84
Articles Disinfected or Destroyed291
New Bins provided178
How frequently is dust removed from each house?Weekly
Number of Complaints of Non-removal received18
Method of Disposal (a) Destructor, (b) by Tipping, (c) Other, state method 13y Tipping at the Sewage Works in hollows on the Farm.
Sundry Nuisances Abated.
Accumulations of Refuse21
Foul Ditches, Ponds, &c., Stagnant Water3
Foul Pigs and other Animals2
Yards Repaved or Repaired81
Other Nuisances704
Number in District7
Contraventions of Factory Acts
Number on Register2
Number of Inspections made and frequency of Inspections157
Every week.
Contraventions of Bye-laws-
Number on Register4
Number of Inspections made and frequency of Inspections57
Once a month.
Contraventions of Regulations2
Number of Milch Cows in Districtabout 160
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