London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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Friern Barnet 1908

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Friern Barnet]

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No. in Reg stName and Situation of Workshop.Name ofNaturf, of Employment.General Remarks.
5Serikon Photographic Co.Birt AcresBirt AcresFilm ManufactoryGas Engine for Electric Light and Power. An iron and wooden building. The building is now shut up.
1"Windsor" Laundry, High Rd., Whetstone,N.W. RendallJ. SketchleyHand LaundryIn order.
211, Bawtry RoadMrs. SkinnerW.H.RichHand LaundrySmall Washhouse built at the back. In order.
3"Westby" Laundry, Cromwell RoadJonesJonesHand LaundryAccommodation very limited.
4109 & 111, Pembroke RoadMrs. W. WilkinsonJ. AshwellHand LaundryWashhouses repaired,
Domestic Workshops.
142, Oakleigh RoadMrs. Eliza PughMiss A. McCarthyLaundryHand Laundry.
276, Holly Park RoadMrs. GrayJ. CameronDressmakerPrivate House.
3Friern Barnet RoadMr. LanderMr. LanderStonedressingIn order.
1Butcher's Shop & Slaughterhouse, 33, Friern Barnet RoadT. M. ColemanEdward DixonSlghtring Sheep, Beasts, & sometimes PigsIn order.
2High Road & The Mews, Whetstone, N.F. G. SmeetonF. G. SmeetonSlghtring Sheep Beasts, & PigsIn order.
129—31, Friern Barnet Rd.R. C. BraybrookCleveley's Exors.Dressmaker & DraperIn order.
27, Sydney RoadRalph HoweA. E. HalesGlass and Lead Col'red Light MakerIn order.
3Stanford RoadBruce OramBruce OramCycle Maker & MachinistIn order.
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