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Friern Barnet 1908

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Friern Barnet]

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The population in 1881 was 4,405; in 1891, 6,716; and in
1901, 8,816; the average number of persons per house being
respectively 6.01 and 5.6 for the two latter years, as estimated
from figures supplied from the Census Offices by the RegistrarGeneral.

Total population at all ages at Census of 1901:β€”

District, 8,816 ; Asylum, 2,75011,566
Number of inhabited houses1 .633
Average number of persons per house5.6
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These numbered 333, giving a birth-rate of 31.9, being an
increase of 3.
The natural increase of the population by the excess of
births over deaths was 333 β€” 120 = 213, the excess in 1907
being 177, and in 1906 was 152.
There were 101 deaths (see Tables I., II. and IV.) registered
in the District, excluding the Asylum, giving a death-rate of 9 7,
an improvement of .8 on 1907, and, with the exception of 1896,
the lowest rate since 1887.
Nineteen deaths occurred outside the District of persons
belonging to it, giving a net total of 101 + 19 = 120, showing
a net death-rate of 11.5, and producing a death-rate corrected for
age and sex distribution of 12.3.
Infantile Mortality.β€”The infantile mortality for the year
1906 was 130, and was above the average for the County of
Middlesex, being almost equal to that of London (131) and
England and Wales (133). In 1907 there was a noteable
improvement, the rate per 1,000 births being as low as 81; this
year it has risen to 99.
On reference to Table V., it will be seen that of the 33
deaths 9 were due to such causes as Premature Births, 2 ;
Congenital Defects, 3; Injury at Birth, 1; Want of Breast Milk,
2; Overlying, 1; 17 to more general causes, viz., Marasmus, 3;
Convulsions, 5; Pneumonia, 4; Tuberculosis, 1; the remaining
7 being due to Whooping Cough, 2; Diarrhoeal Diseases, 5.
Last year I drew attention to the absence of a single death from
Diarrhoea, and attributed our lower infantile mortality to this

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