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Finchley 1914

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Finchley]

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Nuisances—Keeping of Animals.
Fowls, Rabbits, etc.—Judging from the number and
variety of domestic live-stock, such as fowls, rabbits, pigeons,
etc., kept in the yards or gardens in connection with a large
number of small houses in the district, the occupiers appear
to possess an unusual propensity for keeping animals, with
but little regard for the suitability of the premises. In many
instances the limited air-space within the curtilage of their
dwellings does not permit of the keeping of these animals
under proper sanitary conditions, and, in some cases, they
are housed in a manner which is strongly suggestive of the
infliction of actual cruelty upon the victims of the householders'
"hobby." If a remonstrance is made at the time of
an inspection, the reply often received is to the effect that a
profit is obtained, especially in regard to the keeping of fowls.
That such a result is possible in view of the pitiable condition
in which these birds are occasionally kept is impossible of
In those cases in which action could reasonably be taken
under the Public Health Act or the Bye-laws made thereunder,
the person responsible was required to discontinue
keeping the animals or poultry, or, where possible, to keep
them in such a manner as not to create a nuisance.
Pigs.—Several nuisances have been dealt with in regard
to the keeping of swine. One piggery which has been particularly
troublesome for some years past, has been inspected
practically once in each week throughout the year. This
piggery was established many years ago, and dwelling houses
of the villa type have now been crected in close proximity
thereto. The difficulties associated with the premises are
increased by the problem of properly disposing of the sewage,
as owing to the low level of the site it is not possible to connect
the drains with the public sewer.
Horses.—The stables throughout the district have been
inspected and steps taken to enforce compliance with the Byelaws
in regard to the provision of manure receptacles and the
periodical cleansing and limewashing of stables, etc.

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