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Finchley 1905

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Finchley]


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    The approximate population and the number of occupied houses in each of the sub-districts at the end of June, 1905, was as follows:—
    Occupied Houses.Estimated Population.
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    Recorded Death- Rate of each Sub-District:
    Number of Deaths.Rate per 1000 of population.
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    Table A. C auses of and A ges at D eath during the Y ear 1905
    Causes of Death. 1Deaths in Whole District at subjoined ages.Deaths in Localities (at all ages).Deaths in Public Institutions.
    All agesUnder 1.1 and under 5.5 and under 1515 and under 25.25 and under 65.65 and Upwards.North Finchley.East Finchley.West Finchley.Whetstone.
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    Table A3. Showing the Causes of Infantile Mortality in the District during each of the Four Quarters of the Year 1905.
    Cause of Death.1st Quar.2nd Quar.3rd Quar.4th Quar.Totals
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    Table A4. —Infantile Mortality During the Year 1905. Deaths from stated Causes in Weeks and Months under One Year of Age.
    CAUSE OF DEATH.Under 1 Week.1-2 Weeks.2- 3 Weeks.3-4 Weeks.Total under 1 Month.1 -2 Months.2 3 Months.3-4 Months.4- 5 Months.5-6 Months.6- 7 Months.7-8 Months.8- 9 Months9-10 Months.10- 11 Months.11-12 Months.Total Deaths under One Year.
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    The proportion of deaths occurring among those over 70 years of age to the total deaths was therefore 23.1 per cent.
    65 and under 70.70 and under 80.80 and under 90.90 and upwards.Total.
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    1st Quarter2nd Quarter3rd Quarter4th QuarterTotal
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    INQUESTS, 1905.
    1st Quarter2nd Quarter3rd Quarter4th QuarterTotal
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    Table A7. Vital Statistics of Whole District during 1905 and Previous Years.
    Year.Population estimated to middle of each yearBirths.Total Deaths Registered in the District.Deaths in Public Institutions in the District.Deaths of Non residents registered in the District.Deaths of Residents registered beyond District.Deaths at all Ages Nett.
    Under One Year.All Ages.
    Number.* Rate.
    Number.* Rate.Number.Rate per 1,000 Births registered.Number.* Rate.
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    Table A7—Continued.
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    The actual number of Finchley patients in the Isolation Hospital on various date® during the year is given in the following table:—
    Scarlet Fever Diphtheria.Enteric.Total
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    The results were as follows:—
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    Table B. -Cases of Infectious Disease Notified During the Year 1905.
    Notifiable Disease.Cases Notified in Whole District.Total Cases Notified in Each Locality.No. of Cases Removed to Hospital from Each Locality.
    At all Ages.At Ages—Years.1 East Finchley.2 West Finchley.3 North Finchley.4 Whetstone.1 East Finchley.2 West Finchley.3 North Finchley.4 Whetstone.
    Under 1.1 to 5.5 to 15.15 to 25.25 to 65.65 and upwards.
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    Table B1. Showing the Number of Cases and Deaths from the Principal Infectious Diseases Notified from among Parishioners During the Years 1890—1905 (inclusive).
    Small-pox.Scarlet Fever.Diphtheria and Croup.
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    Table B2. Cases of Infectious Disease Notified during each month of the Year 1905.
    Diphtheria.Erysipelas.Scarlet Fever.Enteric Fever.Puerperal Fever.Totals.
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    Table of Quarantine Periods.
    Disease.Date at which Attendance at School may be resumed.
    After Illness.After exposure to infection at home.
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    The following is a list of the Workshops and Work-places on the Register at the end of 1905:—