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Finchley 1903

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Finchley]

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Table A4.

Deaths from Zymotic Diseases (including Influenza) in the Year 1903.

Scarlet Fever.Diptheria.Membranous Croup.Typhoid Fever.Puerperal Fever.Measles.Whooping Cough.Diarrhœa and Dysentery.Influenza.Erysipelas.Total.Rate to every 1,000 Persons.
First Quarter..11......511..9..
Second ,,..........1..11..3..
Third ,,..............2....2..
Fourth ,,..1..........2..3..
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The Zymotic Death-rate for 1903 was 0.54, as against 1.03
in the preceding year. In Table A4 the Zymotic rate of last
year can be compared with that of previous years, and in
Table A5 the rates for each of the Diseases comprised within
the term 'Zymotic' are given, along with the corresponding
rates for England and Wales, the 76 Great Towns, and London
It will be noted that the comparison is in every instance
favourable to Finchley.
The Public Mortuary.
Twenty-six bodies were deposited during the year at the
Public Mortuary, as against 22 in the preceding year; 19
of these had been parishioners of Finchley, and 7 of Friern

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