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Finchley 1895

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Finchley]

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Table A5.

Comparison of the Rates of the Finchley District, with those of England and Wales, the 33 Great Towns, and London generally, for the year 1895.

General Death-Rate.Diseases of Lungs (except phthisis)Phthisis rate.Rate of Infantile Mortality.Birthrate.zymotic Death-rate.
England and Wales18.7......16126%30.32.13
The 33 Great Towns20.6......18226.7%31.32.84
London generally19.84.201.8016625.5%30.52.63
The Finchley District11.92.330.3898.721.9%25.31.36
Smallpox.MeaslesScarlet Fever.Whooping Cough.Typhd. Fever.Diphtheria.Diarrh. and Dysentery.
England and Wales0.0080.370.150.300.170.250.88
The 33 Great Towns0.0120.530.180.360.200.351.19
London generally0.0120.600190.340.140.530.81
The Finchley District0.0000.050000.590.160100.27
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* The number of deaths under 1 year of age to every 1,000 births.
† The percentage which the number of deaths under 1 year of age
form to the total number of deaths.

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