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Erith 1961

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Erith]


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  • Page 9
    Erith and District Unemployment Figures 1942-1961
    Month and YearMalesFemalesTotal
    18 and overUnder 1818 and overUnder 18
  • Page 12
    A(4)e Summary of Vital Statistics for the year 1961
    England and WalesBorough of Erith
  • Page 13
    A(4)f Vital Statistics of Whole District—1952-1961
    YearPopulation Figure according to Registrar GeneralNo. of .Live Births according to Registrar GeneralLive Birth Rate per 1,000 populationNo. of deaths according to Registrar GeneralDeath rate per 1,000 PopulationNo. of Deaths of infants under 1 year of ageInfant Mortality Rate per 1,000 live births
  • Page 14
    A(4)g Table showing Summary of Causes of Death during the year ended 31st December, 1961
    Cause of DeathMalesFemalesTotal
  • Page 15
    A (4)h Infant Mortality—Causes of death and table of comparison
    Cause of death as certifiedunder 1 day1 day2 days3 days4 days5 days6 days7-14 days14-21 days21-28 days28 days-2 months2 months3 months4 months5 months6 months7 months8 months9 months10 months11-12 monthsTotal deaths under 1 year
  • Page 16
    Below is given a table showing the Infant Mortality rates and actual number of infant deaths for Erith at five yearly intervals 1920-1945 and yearly from 1946-1961.
    YearErithEngland and Wales (Infant Mortality Rate)
    No. of Inf. DeathsInfant Mortality Rate
  • Page 16
    A(4)i Comparison of Maternal Mortality Rates
    YearMaternal DeathsLive BirthsStill BirthsMaternal Mortality Rate per 1,000 total Births
  • Page 17
    DiseaseTotal No of cases notifiedCases admitted to infectious disease HospitalTotal No. of Deaths among notified cases
  • Page 18
    B(1)a Age Distribution The following table shows the age distribution of confirmed cases of Infectious Disease (other than Tuberculosis) notified during the year.
    DiseaseAge Groups
    Under 1 year12345—910—1415—2425 & overAge not knownTotals
  • Page 19
    B(l)b WARD DISTRIBUTION Number of cases of Infectious Disease confirmed in each ward in the Borough.
    TownOld ChurchBelvedereN'th HeathAbbey WoodBostall
  • Page 20
    B (2) Tuberculosis B(2)a New Cases notified for the first time during 1961
  • Page 20
    According to the figures supplied by the Registrar General the following is the number of deaths from Tuberculosis during the year.
    Tuberculosis of Respiratory systemOther forms of TuberculosisAll forms of Tuberculosis
  • Page 21
    The following table shows the diphtheria immunisation and whooping cough immunisation figures for 1961 based on the returns submitted to the Ministry of Health by the Local Health Authority.
    Year of BirthDiphtheria Immunisation (Singly or in combination)Whooping Cough Immunisation (Singly or in combination)
  • Page 21
    The following table shows the smallpox vaccination figures for 1961 based on the return submitted to the Ministry of Health by the Local Health Authority.
    Age at Date of VaccinationNumber VaccinatedNumber Re-Vaccinated
  • Page 22
    The following table shows the number of injections given in the various priority groups during the year ended 31st December, 1961.
    Priority Group2nd Injections3rd Injections4th Injections
  • Page 26
    D(l)b Table 1
  • Page 27
    D(l)c Table 2
  • Page 29
    D(5)b Premises visited and Results of such visits
    PremisesNo. in BoroughNo. of visitsNo. of defects foundNo. ot defects remedied
  • Page 30
    In this connection, a deposit gauge, lead peroxide gauge, and a smoke recorder are respectively in various positions and the analysis of the contents of these instruments for 1961 are as follows:—
    MonthDeposit gaugeLead peroxide gauge Sulphur mg/100 sq. cms/day
    Rain in inchesInsoluble deposit Tons per sq. mileSoluble deposit Tons per sq. mileTotal Solids Tons per sq. mileCalcium Tons per sq. mile
  • Page 40
    (1)Inspections for purposes of provisions as to health (including inspections made by Public Health Inspectors).
    PremisesNumber on RegisterNumber of
    InspectionsWritten NoticesOccupier;, Prosecuted
  • Page 40
    (2) Cases in which defects were found:—
    ParticularsNumber of cases in which defects were foundNumber of cases in which prosecutions were instituted
    To H.M. InspectorBy H.M. Inspector
  • Page 41
    Part 8 of the Act. Outwork. Sections 110 and 111.
    Nature of WorkSection 110Section 111
    No. of outworkers in August list required by Section 110 (1) (c)No. of cases of default in sending lists to the CouncilNo. of Prosecutions for failure to supply listsNo. of instances of work in unwholesome premisesNotices servedProsecutions
  • Page 42
    D(16)a Houses demolished
    Houses demolishedDisplaced during year.
  • Page 43
    D(16)c Unfit houses made fit and houses in which defects were remedied
    By OwnerBy Local Authority
  • Page 49
    Carcases and offal inspected and condemned in whole or in part.
    Cattle excluding CowsCowsCalvesSheep and LambsPigsHorses
  • Page 52
    E(4) Food and Drugs Act, 1955. Sections 2 and 91. (a) The following samples were procured during the yea' and submitted to the Public Analyst for the purpose of analysis with results as follows:—
    ArticleAdulteratedIntermediateGenuineNo. of Samples