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Erith 1919

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Erith]

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which has far reaching results. In many cases of
inability to breast-feed baby it has been found that the
state of the teeth and consequently the septic condition
of the mouth have been the undeniable cause of this
deplorable state of affairs. One bad tooth can be
responsible for serious ill-health both in the mother
and the child. It has been difficult to impress the
truth of this upon those moat nearly concerned, but
now we begin to notice there is less difficulty in
persuading the mothers to attend the Dental Clinic.
When it is realised that a bad tooth may cause a state
of chronic poisoning in botb mother and child we may
hope for better things."
J. Lorimer Hawthorne.
E.—Sanitary Administration.
(1) Staff, Work of Inspectors, &c.
The Staff consists of myself, as Medical Officer of
Health, School Medical Officer, and Medical Officer in
charge of the Sanatorium for Infectious Diseases; D. B.
Davies, Inspector of Nuisances, holding certificates from
the Royal Sanitary Institute as Inspector of Nuisances,
and for the inspection of meat and other foods;
T. Vaughan, Assistant Sanitary Inspector, holding the
same certificate ; his duties have been chiefly the inspection
of houses under the Housing and Town Planning
In addition to these there are a part-time Lady
Medical Officer, Dr. J. Lorimer Hawthorne, two full
time Health Visitors, Nurses Cruise and Crouch, and a
female clerk, whose work chiefly lies in connection with
the Maternity and Child Welfare Department.
(2). Hospital Accommodation.
The Sanatorium for Infectious Diseases is situated
at Little Heath, Belvedere, near the centre of the
Southern Boundary of the District.