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Enfield 1965

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Enfield]

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There have been no serious surface infestations during 1965. The ubiquitous
rat usually initiates complaints from several sources in the infested area. Many
complaints concern the sighting of a single rat but quick action is required to
prevent an infestation, and prompt reporting of the presence of rats is appreciated.
With a large area of rural countryside within the Borough, it is to be expected
that complaints will be received concerning other wild life. From time to time
complaints are received concerning squirrels, rabbits, moles and pigeons. It is the
policy of the Department to help wherever possible, either by practical means or
by advice and loaning equipment.
The pigeon is fast becoming a serious nuisance and the amount of damage to
growing crops and buildings is considerable. The ferral pigeon, and in some cases
the wood pigeon, have adapted themselves to urban life and their numbers are
increasing. Many people consider them attractive and encourage their presence by
feeding them, and oppose any attempt to reduce their numbers.
The Diseases of Animals Act, 1950, deals inter alia with the enforcement of
general orders relating to the movement of animals; the cleansing and disinfection
of places and vehicles occupied by animals; the protection of animals from suffering
during transit; the importation, exportation and quarantine of animals; the keeping
of records by owners and others relating to animals and poultry; and during outbreaks
of specified diseases, the enforcement of special orders relating to the control
of the movement of animals and disinfection of places, vehicles and articles, etc.
During the year, 17 Movement Orders were received, giving notice of animals
being moved into the Borough and three were issued by the Health Department for
the movement of livestock out of the Borough.
No incidents of notifiable disease in animals occurred during the year.
The Diseases of Animals (Waste Foods) Order, 1957, requires licensing where
plant and equipment is used for the boiling of waste foods for animal feeding.
There are 16 pig keepers' establishments within the Borough and these receive
routine inspections from the public health inspectors. Only three of these use plant
and equipment for the boiling of waste foods and are duly licensed.
The Riding Establishments Act, 1964, empowers a local authority to authorise
any of its officers or a registered veterinary surgeon to inspect any premises believed
to be used as a riding establishment and to license them if satisfactory. Riding
Establishment means any stables or other premises whatsoever at which horses are
kept for the purpose of being let out on hire for riding or of being used in providing
in return for payment instruction in riding.
It is an offence for any person to let out on hire or use for providing instruction
any horse in such a condition that its use for that purpose will be likely to cause
suffering to the horse, or to keep a horse for these purposes in so neglected a state
or in such conditions that suffering is, or is likely to be, caused to the horse.

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