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Enfield 1909

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Enfield]

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Epidemic Enteritis.
Summer Diarrhoea.
Finding this disease was becoming somewhat
prevalent in the early part of August,
the Council on my recommendation caused
2,000 handbills to be distributed among the
cottages, giving information in a simple form
as to the precautionary measures necessary to
be taken to prevent this Disease. Neither
myself or your sanitary staff have spared time
or trouble that we might cope with this
disease, and secure the removal of all conditions
that might be calculated to favour its
The following cases of infectious disease
were removed to the Enfield and Edmonton
Joint Board's Isolation Hospital, Winchmore
Scarlet Fever 243
Diphtheria 155
Enteric Fever 1
In addition to the above, there were removed
in the early part of the year, 18 cases of
diptheria, removed to the Cheshunt Isolation
Hospital, and 12 to the Walthamstow Isolation
Method of Disinfection—Rooms, Etc.
Rooms are sprayed with formalin, and
also fumigated with Formalin gas or sulphur.
Owners or occupiers are also required to strip
and cleanse rooms in all cases where patients

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