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Edmonton 1925

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Edmonton]

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The Meat Regulations which came into force last year promised great
things as regards cleanliness and contamination from flies, dust, etc. The
Medical Officer of Health and the Senior Sanitary Inspector visited all butchers'
shops and shops where ham, bacon, lard, cooked meats, etc., were exposed for
sale, on the instruction of the Public Health Committee. The result was that
practically all the butchers in the district agreed to put in glass fronts to their
shops to protect their meat from dust blowing on to it, and other provision
merchants were to reserve a portion of a counter for ham, cooked meats, etc.,
and this special portion was to be protected by a glass front and glass sides.
It was felt by the shopkeepers themselves that such a provision, though
entailing expense, was a wise one, and the result would have been satisfactory
in the extreme if it were not for another circular from the Ministry of Health
saying that glass fronts were not intended and that cooked meats were

The number of slaughterhouses in the district for the following dates were:—

In 1920.Jan., 1925Dec., 1925.
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These premises are regularly inspected, and are kept in satisfactory order.
These are regularly inspected by the District Inspectors to see that the
premises are kept in a cleanly state and that the usual limewashing, etc., is
carried out. Some of the premises are antiquated and only suitable for a
limited output. They all have facilities for the employees to wash their hands,
but it cannot be said that these facilities are in every case ideal.
There are very few dining-rooms or eating-houses in the district, and these
are kept under supervision as to the storage of the food and the actual place
where it is prepared.
Ice-cream manufacturers are carefully supervised during the season; it is
not uncommon for an individual to start in a small way, and a living-room or
rarely an old shed in a garden is utilised for that purpose. The Middlessex

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