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Edmonton 1905

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Edmonton]

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If the baby is being hand-fed, be most careful in carrying
out the directions on the handling and storing of milk, and the
preparation of the baby's food given on pages 8 and 9.
See that all food intended for the children is fresh and is
kept protected from flies and dust. Remember that uncooked
vegetables and unripe or over-ripe fruit are particularly
dangerous foods for young children during the hot months.
If you carefully follow the advice given here your child will
have the best chance of escaping this very dangerous disease
altogether. If it should be attacked, however, have the doctor
to see it at once, for Diarrhoea is a disease in which much can
be done if it is taken early.
Measles is one of the most fatal diseases of children,
especially amongst those under five years of age. It is not
nearly so fatal, however, after this age has been passed.
Careful mothers will therefore do all in their power to protect
their children, especially those under five years, from catching
this very infectious disease.
To assist recovery of patient. In every case seek
medical advice. Most deaths are due to children being exposed
to cold, damp and other unhealthy conditions while suffering
from Measles. Measles patients should be warmly clad and
kept in a warm but well-ventilated, room until they have quite
recovered. The whole body, including arms and legs, should
be clothed in flannel.
Saffron tea, which is so often given to children suffering
from Measles, is quite useless. A hot bath and warm bed at
the onset is the best treatment.
To prevent spread. Separate the patient from all
other children for at least three weeks after the appearance of
the rash.
Measles usually begins with sneezing, coughing, running
at the eyes and nose. Be very suspicious of all colds, therefore,
when Measles is about, and keep any child so suffering
apart from others for four days when, if the disease is Measles,
the rash will appear. The child is very infectious for the four
days before the rash comes out.