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East Barnet 1961

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for East Barnet]

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As the school is situated almost on the boundary of the district a
number of the children came from the areas of adjoining authorities,
and I am grateful for the co-operation of the staffs of the Public
Health Departments of Enfield and Barnet in this matter.
During the year 2,184 visits were made to various premises in the
district where food is handled.
Some types of premises require more frequent visits than others by
reason of the type of business carried on and this fact is reflected in
the figures for restaurants, snack bars and butchers' shops.
There is no doubt, whatsoever, that the standards of hygiene
observed by food handlers in the district is gradually improving
though it has been necessary on several occasions to draw the
attention of shop assistants to such unhygienic practices as licking
the fingers before picking up wrapping paper and blowing on paper
bags to open them. The widespread practice of employing part-time
staff in shops increases the Inspectors' difficulties. A morning call and
comments then made to the staff might well prove useful. A subsequent
visit made in the afternoon can reveal at least a 50% change
in the staff.
I am glad to report again that a number of shops are exhibiting
notices requesting customers to refrain from smoking whilst in the
shop. It is hoped that the exhibiting of such notices will in time
become general practice.
There is a continuing demand from shop keepers for the notices
supplied free of charge by the Department requesting the public not
to take dogs into food shops. When these were first made available
shop keepers were hesitant to display them, fearing it is presumed
that they might give offence to dog loving customers but during the
past two or three years it has been noticeable that the large majority
of owners of food shops are only too ready to display them.
Two applications were received from dealers for Dealer's (Prepacked
Milk) Licences under the Milk (Special Designation)
Regulations, 1960. Under these Regulations licences are now issued
for a period of five years instead of annually as heretofore and supplementary
licences are no longer necessary.
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