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East Barnet Valley 1925

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for East Barnet]

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The sanitary conditions of the several premises is satisfactory
and every precaution is taken to distribute the milk in a cleanly condition.
Several visits were paid to these premises throughout the year.
The local dairymen and purveyors of milk appear to be plying their
trade with due regard to the protection of the milk supply from
contamination. Limewashing of premises is carried out in May and
The hygiene of cowsheds, dairies and slaughterhouses and other
places where food is stored or handled is constantly under observation
and kept up to a high standard of cleanliness.
Manure Notices.
With regard to periodical removal of manure from stables
notices are circulated throughout the District during the summer
months to have all manure removed from stables, etc., at least twice
a week, in order to prevent the breeding of flies.
There are nine bakehouses in the District, three of which are
Notices under Section 99 of the Factory and Workshop Act,
1901, are sent out to all occupiers of bakehouses throughout the
District, requiring them to thoroughly limewash their bakehouse
premises twice a year.
Offensive Trades.
Under the provisions of Section 112 of the Public Health Act,
1875, as amended by Section 51 of the Public Health Act
Amendment Act, 1907, the establishment of the trades of fish-frier
and fat melter are offensive trades within the urban area.

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