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Ealing 1966

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Ealing]

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Acute Encephalitis and Meningococcal Infection
There were three cases of acute encephalitis and three cases of meningococcal
infection notified during the year.
Ophthalmia Neonatorum
No cases occurred during the year.
No cases occurred during the year.
There were 36 cases notified during the year.
As in the previous year, no case of this disease was notified. There seems
little doubt that this happy state of affairs owes much to the introduction of
Puerperal Pyrexia
There were 38 notifications, three of which occurred in home confinements
and 35 in hospital confinements. In order to make a true valuation of these figures
it must be remembered that the number of births in hospital greatly exceeds home
confinements and that the cases most liable to suffer from puerperal pyrexia are
usually delivered in hospital.
Scarlet Fever
There were 126 cases notified during the year.
There were no cases during the year, although one suspected case was
notified. This was seen by a smallpox consultant and diagnosed as a skin condition
(papular urticaria).
There were 26 people who arrived by air and seven by sea from smallpox
areas without being able to produce valid certificates of vaccination. All these were
kept under daily surveillance until the fourteenth day from the last day of possible
Despite the general improvement in living standards and the efficacy of new
drugs, tuberculosis remains a problem. During the year 131 new cases of pulmonary
tuberculosis and 32 new cases of non-pulmonary tuberculosis were notified.
Enteric or Typhoid Fever
There were no cases of typhoid fever during the year. One suspected case
was admitted to hospital but on investigation proved to have disseminated lupus
erythematosus. Notification of a suspected case of paratyphoid fever was received
and this too was unconfirmed after bacteriological investigation.
There were 95 cases notified during the year.
Full statistical information is set out in Table 1 at the end of this Report.