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Ealing 1904

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Ealing]

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withstanding the fact that the largest proportions
of deaths from this complaint occurred in the
Lammas Ward (many of the children being artificially
fed), I am of opinion that the exciting
cause was due to climatic influence, and that
they were in no way to be attributed to insanitary
surroundings. Measles at one time of the
year was very prevalent and the same remark
at plies to whooping cough. Scarlatina of a benign
type prevailed throughout the year, but towards
its close the number of cases greatly diminished.
They were by no means confined to
any particular locality, but pervaded all parts
and all classes. No case of small pox was reported,
and only five cases of enteric fever were
brought to my knowledge.
I do not consider that special reference is required
on this occasion to any " general disease,"
with the exception of phthisis, from which 33
persons died during the past year. In my last
report, and also on other occsations, I have suggested
that the disease should be made voluntarily
rotifiable, especially in the interest of the poor
class of patients, and in the event of provision
being made by the sanitary authority for the
treatment of certain cases occurring amongst the
poor, it appears to me that such notification
should be made compulsory. The question of the
treatment and the early arrest of this grave
affiction is as I know, receiving the serious attention
of the Council, and it requires, therefore,
no words from me to enforce its importance. I
hope that it may be my privilege another year
to put upon record the fact of some arrangement
for the treatment of this class of sufferers
having been made.
It may be recorded here that 19 inquests have
been held. The deaths are returned as 6 being
due to accident; 9 to natural causes; and 4 to

They are tabulated as follows:—

Enteric Fever5
Puerperal Fever2
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