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Dagenham 1952

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Dagenham]

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CAUSES OF DEATH (As classified in Public Health Dept.)Under 1 year1 and under 2 years2 and under 5 years5 and under 15 years15 and under 25 years25 and under 35 years35 and under 45 years45 and under 55 years55 and under 65 years65 and under 75 years75 and overTOTAL
1. Tuberculosis, respiratory141135141311197
2. Tuberculosis, other1214
3. Syphilitic disease2121
4. Diphtheria
5. Whooping Cough
6. Meningococcal infections11
7. Acute Poliomyelitis11
8. Measles
9. Other infective and parasitic diseases11
10. Malignant neoplasm, stomach137251311168
11. Malignant neoplasm, lung, bronchus9111511262
12. Malignant neoplasm, breast254819
13. Malignant neoplasm, uterus3418
14. Other malignant and lymphatic neoplasms1111135414131711954739
15. Leukaemia, aleukaemia1111242
16. Diabetes111114
17. Vascular lesions of nervous system111717814916224848
18. Coronary disease, angina191152176434612
19. Hypertension with heart disease21336851315
20. Other heart disease1231338715413214536
21. Other circulatory disease1131833512122722
22. Influenza112
23. Pneumonia411121115231341911
24. Bronchitis21313522611135224
25. Other diseases of respiratory system112141
26. Ulcer of stomach and duodenum1112371
27. Gastritis, enteritis and diarrhoea1311143
28. Nephritis and nephrosis11122221312810
29. Hyperplasia of prostate2215
30. Pregnancy, childbirth and abortion
31. Congenital malformations7511187
32. Other defined and ill-defined diseases11811111222546106548154548
33. Motor vehicle accidents1311152
34. All other accidents1112231588
35. Suicide111111143
36. Homicide and operations of war—.
This total is 13 less than the figure returned by the Registrar General due to the loss in transit of a number of Inward Transfers.
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