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Dagenham 1952

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Dagenham]

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Notices summoning medical aid 404
For (a) Mothers 307
For (b) Infants 97
Notifications that they had been associated with the undermentioned
conditions were received from domiciliary midwives:—
Substitution of artificial feeding 28
Liable to be sources of infection 7
Stillbirths 3
Deaths of Mother or Child 3
Laying out dead bodies 4

Below is a table setting forth in statistical form the work of the County Midwives, Midwivaes residing at York House Training Home and Salvation Army Midwives for the year 1952:—

County MidwivesMidwives Residing at York House Training HomeSalvation Army Midwives
Births Attended:
As Midwife34726958
As Maternity Nurse57143
Miscarriages Attended (included in above)7315
Visits Paid:
As Midwife7,3327,2301,277
As Maternity Nurse852284533
Ante-Natal Clinics Attended75031178
Gas and Air Administered:
As Midwife17521149
As Maternity Nurse31102
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