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Dagenham 1952

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Dagenham]

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Bacteriological Sampling of Milk
During the year 86 samples of milk were submitted for examination
and three were found to be unsatisfactory. Particulars of these
three are as follows:—
One sample of pasteurised milk failed to pass the phosphatase
test and was, in fact, raw milk. This small retailer's
milk, already pasteurised, is delivered (premises situate in an
adjoining district) in churns by a wholesale firm. The time of
delivery is early morning and there appears to be little doubt
that in the darkness of a January morning a churn of raw milk
was inadvertently unloaded by the driver and included with the
other churns of pasteurised milk. The matter was referred to
the local authority concerned and the wholesaler; subsequent
samples taken from this retailer have been satisfactory.
Two samples of pasteurised milk failed to pass the Methylene
Blue Test.

Ice Cream

Bacteriological Sampling.During the year 54 samples of ice cream were submitted for examination. They were graded as


Grade IGrade IIGrade IIIGrade IVTotal
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With regard to ice lollies 19 samples were submitted for examination;
one was unsatisfactory. The manufacturer of the unsatisfactory
sample later closed down his premises in this Borough.
During the year nine applications for the storage and sale of
ice cream were granted. In all cases the provision on the premises
of running hot water is required.
The majority of itinerant vendors of ice cream (mostly operating
box tricycles) are selling only wrapped products. The few selling
loose cream are required to have enclosed vehicles and carry suitable
washing facilities.
The Council protested to the Ministry of Food at the lowering
of the standard for ice cream in respect of fat and non-fat milk solids,
although it was realised that to maintain the standards existing at the
time would be to reduce supplies. It is satisfactory to note that the
alteration was only for a limited period.

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