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Dagenham 1952

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Dagenham]

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The water supply is satisfactory in quality and quantity. Since
November, 1938, eight local authorities in the South Essex Waterworks
Company's area of supply have carried out a co-ordinated
system of sampling. During the year two chemical and two
bacteriological samples were taken from the Company's mains in this
Borough and all were satisfactory.
The water is not liable to have plumbo-solvent properties, and
no fiction was called for in respect of any form of contamination.
Approximately .058 per cent. of the inhabited houses and .032 per
cent. of the population of the Borough take their water from standpipes.

During the year the mains laid in the Borough were as follows:—

Whalebone Lane North4"179 yards
Marston Close3"53 „
Total232 „
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524 supplies were afforded to houses during the year.
The Chief Engineer of the South Essex Waterworks Company
has furnished me with the following report:—
"Bacteriological and chemical examinations are made of
the raw river water, of the water in its various stages of treatment
and of the water going into supply and of both raw and chlorinated
water from the Company's wells.
"Analyses are also made of samples obtained from consumers'
taps in the various parts of the Company's district and
all proved to be satisfactory.
"Over 3,500 chemical, bacteriological and biological
examinations have been made during the year.
"All water going into supply was wholesome."

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