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Croydon 1961

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Croydon]

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The usual figures are given in Appendices page
These show that more patients were treated for both syphilis
and gonorrhoea than in 1960. 10 deaths were recorded as due to
syphilis but all were in persons over 45 and 6 were over 75
years of age. Presumably they were infected before the use of
penicillin. We cannot be certain that there will be no late
effects from syphilis or gonorrhoea even after penicillin treatment,
but antibiotics do seem to eliminate the infection in a
manner not previously achieved. Consequently, while we may deplore
illnesses usually due to promiscuity we can no longer forecast
dire physical results.
Very considerable use has been made of the facilities for
bacteriological and other laboratory examinations of Public
Health nature. I take this opportunity to thank Dr. A.J.H.
Tomlinson, the Director of the Bacteriological Laboratory, County
Hall, S.E. 1, for his ready assistance and most helpful advice,
which have been available at all times.
The following figures show the work carried out during the
year under review:-
Samples submitted to the Pathological Laboratory for
Bacteriological Examination - 1961.
Faeces outfits 471
Drinking Water samples 270
Public Swimming Bath Water samples 86
Private Swimming Bath Water samples 44
Milk samples 199
Cream samples 7
Ice Cream samples 232
Sundry Pood Specimens 12
Blood 47
Urine 52
Nose aid Throat Swabs 18
total 1,438

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