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Croydon 1949

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Croydon]

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Year Year
1949. 1948.
(4) Fillings—
Permanent teeth 5,182 5,981
Temporary teeth 1,036 2,047
6,218 8,028
(5) Extractions—
Permanent teeth 1,722 1,832
Temporary teeth 10,056 11,062
11,778 12,894
(6) Administrations of general
anaesthetics for extractions 3,447 3,747
(7) Administrations of local
anaesthetics for extractions 2,780 3,585
(8) Other Operations—
Permanent teeth 5,533 6,974
Temporary teeth 3,047 3,154
8,580 10,128
Attendances per session ... 11.6 10.9
Diphtheria Immunization has been carried out at the clinics
and during the year under review the system of providing diphtheria
immunization in the schools themselves was introduced and
proved most successful, and the assistance of the teachers and
their co-operation has been much appreciated.
The number of children between the ages of 5 and 15 years
immunized against Diphtheria during the year was 538 together
with 2,046 who were given re-inforcing injections. Every
endeavour is being made to immunize children before they enter
school. The very small incidence of Diphtheria in children of
school age seems to show this policy is a right one.
Summary of Cases attending the Orthopaedic Clinic:—
Cases on Books
Jan. 1st, New Cases 31st Dec.,
1949. Cases. Discharged. 1949.
443 245 294 394
340 children were seen by the Orthopædic Surgeon and 461
attendances were made.

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