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Croydon 1945

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Croydon]

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No. of cases admitted to the Puerperal Infection Unit,
Borough Hospital and Mayday Hospital Isolation
Wards, including 28 from Mayday Hospital and 7
from St. Mary's Maternity Hospital 43
No. of Maternal deaths in Booked cases from Borough
Ante-Natal Clinics 1
No. of Maternal deaths in Emergency eases at Mayday
Hospital 6
(including 2 criminal abortions)
No. of Maternal deaths in cases admitted as Puerperal
Sepsis per se 0
Total Maternal deaths in beds of the Obstetric Service 7
(including 3 abortions, 2 of which were criminal)
The total number of patients treated by the Obstetric Service
was : —
(a) In Mayday Hospital 1,849
(/') In St. Mary's Maternity Hospital 009
(c) In the Borough Hospital Puerperal Infection Unit and
Mayday Hospital Isolation Wards, excluding 28 from
(a) and 7 from (b) 8
(Hospitals (including Municipal Mid wives' cases) 1,165
(e) At the Post-Natal Clinics, excluding those included in
(a), (b), (c) and (d) 1,602
(/) At the Ante-Natal Clinics and undelivered on December
aist, 1945 1,177

Incidcncc of Abortion.

Incomplete abortions1(37132
Threatened abortion with final evacuation3317
Inevitable abortion1514
Complete abortion1631
Missed abortion106
Threatened abortion discharged undelivered6241