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Croydon 1936

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Croydon]

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(2) Maternity.
St. Mary's Maternity Hospital, St. James' Road, Croydon.
This Hospital is conducted under the auspices of the Croydon
Mothers' and Infants' Welfare Association. Thirty-two beds (with
cots attached) are provided. The Hospital receives an annual
subsidy of £4,500 from the Council as 30 of the beds are reserved
for cases referred by them. The Local Authority collects patients'
fees which amounted approximately to £1,499. This hospital, so
far as administration and general conduction is concerned, was
transferred to the Council on April 1st, 1937.
(3) Children.
(a) Observation Nursery, Lodge Road.
These premises occupy the upper storey of the buildiugs erected
by the Council. Accommodation is provided for 14 sick children
under 5 years of age, and a ward for the reception of two nursing
mothers. This Nursery was closed and the patients transferred lo
the new children's ward at Mayday Hospital, on the completion of
the latter. This transference was made on 8/2/1937.
(b) Coombe Cliff Convalescent Hospital.
This Home is for the reception of infants and children convalescing
after acute illnesses. The majority of the cases are
referred from the Public Health and School Medical Departments,
but cases are also admitted from Mayday and other Hospitals and
at the request of private medical practitioners. There are 34 beds
and cots.
(4) Fever.
The Borough Hospital, Purley Way.
The nominal accommodation is for 220 patients. Cases of all
the notifiable infectious diseases are admitted other than tubeiculosis.
(5) Small Pox.
The Croydon and District Joint Small Pox Hospital Boards
Hospital is now used as the Borough Sanatorium. Arrangement
have been made with the Surrey County Council to receive into
their Clandon Hospital cases of small pox arising in Croydon.