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Croydon 1934

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Croydon]

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It will be seen that in the years 1926 to 1934 there have only
been 48 cases of Pulmonary Tuberculosis in children—14 of these
had a positive sputum, and of the latter only 2 are alive. It is
fortunate that such cases are very rare as remarkably few ever
In sufferers from Non-pulmonary Tuberculosis who first attended
prior to 1926, 43 adults and 562 children have been discharged
as recovered, and of those first attending in 1926 and following
years, 26 adults and 127 children. 13 adults and 9 children died
in the pre-1926 class; 30 adults and 17 children died in the 1926
and following years group. One adult and one child attending for
the first time in 1934 died during the year.
The contrast in the numbers recovered, arrested and died, as
also the different incidence in adults and children, as between the
Pulmonary and Non-pulmonary types of the disease, is most
Co-ordination with Medical Practitioners, and Other Branches of
the Health Department.
During the year 184 cases of suspected Tuberculosis were
referred by private medical practitioners for the Tuberculosis
Officer's opinion; 58 were diagnosed as suffering from Tuberculosis
and were subsequently notified. In addition, 51 children were
referred by the School Medical Service, and 23 cases from the
Maternity and Child Welfare section of the Public Health Department.
84.2% of all notified cases were sent for examination to
the Clinic or were seen at the request of the medical attendant at
the patient's home, as compared with 79.3% in 1933, 78.9% in
1932, 81.2% in 1931 and 72.7% in 1930.
The number of reports sent in by Insurance medical practitioners
on their domiciliary cases (Form G.P. 36) was 558. This
is a duty laid on all Medical men accepting service under the
'National Health Insurnnce Act.
Pregnancy and Tuberculosis.
Women suffering from Pulmonary Tuberculosis who become
pregnant are referred to the Assistant Medical Officer of Health