London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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Croydon 1918

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Croydon]

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TABLE E xvii (continued).

School.Department.Class.Disease.Date of Closure.Length of Closure
Whitehorse RoadEntire SchoolInfluenzaOctober 21st2 weeks
Portland RoadInfantsInfluenzaOctober 21st2 „
WoodsideInfantsInfluenzaOctober 21st2 „
Davidson RoadBoys & InfantsInfluenzaOctober 21st2 ,,
Brighton RoadInfantsInfluenzaOctober 21st2 „
Elmwood HallJunior MixedInfluenzaOctober 21st2 „
Tavistock GroveEntire SchoolInfluenzaOctober 21st2
Parish ChurchEntire SchoolInfluenzaOctober 21st2
South NorwoodEntire SchoolInfluenzaOctober 21st2 „
Boston RoadEntire SchoolInfluenzaOctober 22nd2 „
Christ Church (Boston Road)Infants-InfluenzaOctober 22nd2 „
Beulah RoadEntire School-InfluenzaOctober 22nd2 „
Winterbourne Rd.Entire School-InfluenzaOctober 22nd2 „
Ecclesbourne Rd.Girls-InfluenzaOctober 22nd2 „
Brighton RoadGirls-InfluenzaOctober 22nd2 „
St. Saviour'sGirls & InfantsInfluenzaOctober 22nd2 „
Grange WoodEntire School-InfluenzaOctober 22nd2 „
Brighton RoadBoysInfluenzaOctober 22nd2 „
Ecclesbourne Rd.Boys & InfantsInfluenzaOctober 22nd2 „
Mitcham RoadEntire SchoolInfluenzaOctober 22nd2 „
Portland RoadMixed & GirlsInfluenzaOctober 22nd2 „
Princess RoadEntire SchoolInfluenzaOctober 22nd2 „
Stanford RoadEntire SchoolInfluenzaOctober 22nd2 „
Sydenham RoadEntire SchoolInfluenzaOctober 22nd2 „
WoodsideBoys& Girls-InfluenzaOctober 22nd2 „
All Saints'Entire SchoolInfluenzaOctober 22nd2 „