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Croydon 1910

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Croydon]

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The lying-in room.
The room should be scrupulously clean, the window and grate
register opened. In cold weather a small fire is necessary. The room
should not have been recently used for any case of infectious disease.
If there is any doubt about this the room will be disinfected free of
charge on application to the Medical Officer of Health.
Two wash basins, a nail brush, soap and hot water, an efficient
antiseptic, scissors, thread, and plenty of clean towels, and a binder
with safety pins, should be prepared ready beforehand.
The patient should lie on a firm mattress with a clean mackintosh
and sheets.
maternity nurse.
The nurse must be scrupulously clean in every way, and should
not have been recently engaged in nursing any case of puerperal fever
or other infectious disease. All maternity nurses are advised to
procure a copy of the instructions issued by the Central Midwives'
Board, and to follow the rules given therein in respect to clothing,
disinfection of hands, disinfection of appliances, and disinfection of the
The Medical Officer is authorised to treat free of charge
children attending Public Elementary Schools who are suffering
from Ringworm.
Unless your child is being treated by your own medical
attendant at your expense, you should arrange with the Health
Visitor for the case to be seen by one of the Medical Officers, who
will instruct you how to proceed.
It is expected that parents will carefully follow instructions, so
that a cure may be effected as promptly as possible.
Medical certificates of freedom from infection should be obtained
from the medical attendant when cases under private doctors are
cured. Chidren cannot be re-admitted to school unless this
certificate is given to the Attendance Officer, or the child is
examined and found free at the Town Hall on Wednesday or
Saturday mornings at 9.
Medical Officer.
Public Health Department,
Town Hall, Croydon.

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