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Croydon 1908

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Croydon]

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pavilion was opened, and this has practically been full
Staff.—The Staff consists of—
1 Matron
1 Assistant Matron
10 Nurses
2 Laundresses
2 Engineers
5 Servants
5 Wardmaids.
1 Seamstress.
1 Gardener
Porter and Portress
Patients.—During the year 446 patients have been
admitted, of which number
238 were Scarlet Fever
188 ,, Diphtheria
15 ,, Typhoid Fever
4 ,, Puerperal Fever
1 was Erysipelas
Ninety of these patients were admitted by arrangement
with other authorities, and forty-six were admitted
from Merton.
Of the 446 patients admitted, 404 were discharged
as cured, and 4'2 died (18 from Scarlet Fever, of which 8
also had measles, 17 from Diphtheria, four from Typhoid
Fever, and three from Puerperal Fever.)
Very careful examination of the throat, nasal
passages, and the teeth of every patient admitted to the
Hospital was made, and it was found that out of the 426
Scarlet Fever and Diphtheria patients admitted, 221 had
enlarged tonsils, 37 had adenoid growths, 21 had nasal
polypi, 39 were subject to attacks of tonsilitis, six
Scarlet Fever and six Diptheria patients had had previous
attacks of the same disease for which they were admitted,
and 31 were found to be suffering from both Scarlet Fever
and Diphtheria.