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Croydon 1896

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Croydon]

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Several of these structures have been erected during the past 18 months, and some 150 persons are at the present time housed in this manner.

Description of Houses.When Reported.Reasons fob Representation.Action Taken.Results.
10 houses, Sarah Place, MitchamJan. 30thDampness, insufficient accommodation, and neglect of repairsNotices served to render fit for habitation within 28 daysIncreased accommodation provided, with improved ventilation, and general repairs sufficient to preserve houses for a time.
Bishop's Cottage, Lower MordenJan. 30thDampness of living rooms and neglect of repairsDittoNo work done until proceedings threatened. Ultimately house thoroughly repaired; practically transformed.
Domestics' dwellings, adjoining Thatched Cottage, Beddington LaneMarch 26thInsufficient light and ventilation in sleeping rooms, and contiguity to stables and places for animals and fowlsDittoNil. Occupier stated that occupation of premises would be discontinued.
14 houses, Ebenezer Cottages, Lonesome, MitchamMay 28thGeneral decay, damp, filthy condition, and dirty surroundingsDitto within 3 monthsHouses cleansed and repaired, and surroundings much improved. Dampness not yet remedied.
Station-master's house, Beddington LaneJuly 23rdGeneral decay of wooden structure: dampness and insufficient accommodationDitto within 28 daysNew house erected, and old one to be demolished as soon as possible.
2 cottages, near Battersea Cemetery, MordenOct. 22ndGeneral decay, filthy condition, absence of water supply, insufficient accommodationClosing order made under Building Bye-lawsClosed.
House near Russell Hill, PurleyOct. 22ndFilthy condition, want of repair, dampness, and dilapidationNotices served to render fit for habitation within 28 daysNil.
5 railway huts, Hooley, CoulsdonOct. 22ndFilthy surroundings, insufficient domestic accommodation, and dampnessProceedings taken for closing order, 18th DecemberMagistrates' order to close unless made fit within 28 days. Surroundings transformed, future dampness prevented, and accommodation increased.
6 houses, Reform Place, MertonNov. 19thDampness of living rooms, filthy condition, general dilapidation and want of repair; dirty surroundingsNotices served to make fit for habitation within 28 daysHouses cleansed, some general repairs effected, and some dampness concealed with woodwork: unsatisfactory.
3 houses, Pincott Road, MertonDec. 17thGeneral decay, filthy condition, dampness of walls, and defective roofsDittoNil.
3 houses. Western Road, MitchamDec. 17thExtreme general decay and neglect, and filthy condition: wooden structuresDittoNil.
Coachman's dwelling, MordenDec. 17thInsufficient light and ventilationDittoOwner promises to close.
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