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Croydon 1894

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Croydon]

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On page 6 of the annual report for 1893, is a table showing
the age-constitution of the District as revealed at the census of
1891. After deducting, as accurately as possible, the population
of the institutions, the following Table A, the utility of which
will be evident later on, has been constructed, and it shows the
approximate numbers living in the District at the middle of the
years 1891 to 1894, at four groups of ages.

Table A.—Persons living in the District at 4 groups of ages.

Under 5 years2,9303,0003,0753,130
5 to 15 years7,2107,3707,5607,700
15 to 25 years4,8304,9405,0705,160
25 years and upwards11,43011,69012,01512,210
All ages26,40027,00027,72028,200
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The births registered in the District during 1894, numbered
732. Of this number, 358 were males, and 374 were females.
Fourteen births, of which nine were males and five females, were
registered as illegitimate.
The birth-rate for the year was 25.9 per 1000 persons living.
The proportion of illegitimate births was 1.9 per cent. of the
total births.
This is a low birth-rate, and is the lowest of which there is
record in the District. The average annual birth-rate in the ten
preceding years was 29.9; the highest rate (33.4) having occurred
in 1886, and the lowest (27.4) in 1893.
The birth-rate for England and Wales during 1894, was
29.6 per 1000, being the lowest ever recorded.
The distribution of the births in the District, with the
corresponding birth-rates, is shown in the following table.

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