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Croydon 1894

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Croydon]

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The monthly occurrence is shown in th« following table :— Table J.—Oases of measles notified in 1894.

Month.Cases at the Holborn Schools.Cases in Private Houses.Private Houses infected.
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Exclusive of the cases notified from the Holborn School, the
incidence of the disease on the separate parishes, was as follows:
2 cases occurred in Morden, 4 in Merton, 14 in Beddington, 19
in Coulsdon, 27 in Mitcham, and 336 in Wallington. Assuming,
for the present, that every case was notified, it is thus seen that
the disease, although present to a greater or less extent in most
of the parishes, was epidemic in Wallington only.
The epidemic in this parish commenced towards the end of
September, was at its height in October and November, and
came to an end with the close of the year. Of 348 cases notified
in these last four months, 326 occurred in the parish of Wallington.
It commenced in Upper Wallington and South Beddington
by means of a few scattered cases, which, being unnotified,
were not discovered until the schools in Wallington proper had
become infected, and the great outburst occurred. The National
Schools were closed on October 3rd, and it is worthy of note,
that after the 20th of that month no fresh house was invaded,
from which children had attended either of the National Schools.
The date of invasion was almost invariably regarded as the date

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