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Croydon 1894

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Croydon]

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Deaths in Public Institutions.
The deaths in institutions in the District numbered 263 in
1894, 132 being those of males, and 131 those of females.
One hundred and eighty-five deaths occurred at Cane Hill
Asylum, in Coulsdon parish, which is one of the large Metropolitan
County Asylums for the Insane, and contained on an
average 2,016 inmates in 1894. One death was due to erysipelas,
one to diarrhoea, and 35 to pulmonary consumption. There
were also 2 deaths, concerning which coroners' inquests ware
held, the cause of death in each being attributed to natural
Sixty-nine deaths occurred at the Holborn Union Workhouse,
in the parish of Mitcham, which contained on an average
872 inmates. Nine of the deaths were due to pulmonary
consumption. Three of the deaths were referred to the coroner,
an inquest being held on two; the "uncertified" death being
ascribed to "haemoptysis." One of the deaths, concerning which
inquests were held, was due to "accidental," and the other to
"natural" causes.
Five deaths occurred in the Industrial Schools of the
Holborn Union, also in Mitcham parish, the average number
of residents being 447 ; 3 of these deaths were due to whooping
Two deaths also occurred at Reedham Orphanage, in
Coulsdon parish; and 2 at the Russell Hill School, in Beddington
parish ; these deaths have been included in those accounted
to the District itself.
The Infectious Disease (Notification) Act has been in force
in the District since the early part of 1890 ; and in July, 1890
measles was included as one of the notifiable diseases.
During 1894, 664 cases of infectious disease were notified :
81 of which occurred in public institutions.