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Croydon 1894

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Croydon]

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compares with 6.3 per cent. for England and Wales in 1894. It
includes 16 deaths which were described in the verdicts as due
to natural causes, 10 as due to accident or negligence, 6 to
suicide, and 1 to homicide.
Besides these deaths, there were four uncertified deaths, that
is, deaths which were not certified either by a medical practitioner
or by a coroner after inquest. The following is a list of these

Table F.—Uncertified Deaths, 1894.

ParishDate of DeathSexAgeStated Cause of Death
BeddingtonJan. 6thF.45Fits and Weak Heart
MitchamFeb. 6thF.79Syncope, due to Senile Decay
WoodmansterneMay 20thF.85Decay of Nature
MitchamJune 30thM.50Heart Disease
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It need hardly be explained how unsatisfactory it is that
there should be any deaths to record under this heading.
Statistical Tables.—Attention may here be drawn to the
accompanying Statistical Tables, which I have endeavoured to
make as complete as possible, and the results of which, I have
taken great care, at the cost of considerable labour, to render
accurate and reliable. The vital statistics of the District are
now shown, for the first time, compiled in a systematic manner,
and members of the Council will be in a position to study
the records of the past ten years, in conjunction with those of
the year under review. It is necessary to point out, however,
that the records of mortality during the years previous
to 1893, are not strictly comparable with those of 1893
and 1894, because the deaths occurring outside the District
among persons belonging to it, were not included before 1893.
The inclusion of these deaths, which both in 1893 and 1894
numbered 33, involves a material increase in the death-rate,
probably as much as 1.3 in most years.

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