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Croydon 1894

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Croydon]

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The foregoing rates are calculated on the estimated population
at each given group of ages, as shown in Table A, page 6
Causes of Death.
Zymotic Diseases.—The deaths registered in 1894, included—
1 death attributed to Measles
5 deaths „ Scarlet Fever
21 „ „ Diphtheria
2 „ „ Whooping Cough
2 „ „ " Fever"
9 „ ,, Diarrhœa
Thus 40 deaths were ascribed to these zymotic causes, being
in the proportion of 1.41 per 1000 living, as compared with an
annual average in the ten preceding years of 1.93 per 1000. The
corresponding rate in 1894 in England and Wales was 1.76,
against an annual average rate in the ten preceding years of
2.25 per 1000.
Deaths ascribed to one or other of the above causes, occurred
in the parishes of Addington, Coulsdon, Merton,. Mitcham, and
Wallington, but not in the other parishes.
The above deaths include no less than 10 which occurred
outside the District, although belonging thereto; 3 were due to
scarlet fever and 7 to diphtheria.
The mortality from each of the above diseases, in proportion
to 1000 persons living, was as follows:—Measles .04, scarlet
fever .2, diphtheria .7, whooping cough .07, "fever" 07, and
diarrhoea .3. The mortality from measles, whooping cough,
diarrhoea, and "fever," were considerably below the annual
average; that from scarlet fever was nearly equal, and that from
diphtheria was much higher.
The number of deaths from diphtheria in 1894, which has
once been exceeded, namely, in 1888, represents a death-rate of
745 per million living, against an annual average of 279.