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Coulsdon and Purley 1915

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Coulsdon]

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(1) Dairies, Cowsheds, and Milkshops.
At the end of the year there were 28 premises registered
under the Dairies, Cowsheds, and Milkshops Order, 1885,
which is 1 more than last year.
All the premises have been systematically inspected, and
in only a few cases was it found necessary to complain of
uncleanliness or neglect of regulations.
(2) Slaughterhouses.
The number of Butchers' Shops and Slaughterhouses
remain the same as last year, viz., 15.
All meat is kept under constant supervision.
During the year 310 visits of inspection were made, and
in 2 instances complaint was made as to uncleanliness.
(3) Bakehouses.
There were 5 Bakehouses within the district at the end
of the year, as against 4 last year.
Twenty-six visits of inspection have been paid, and only
on 1 occasion was it found necessary to make any complaint
as to uncleanliness.
(4) Piggeries.
There is 1 Piggery within the district.
Sale of Food and Drugs Acts.
The administration of the Sale of Food and Drugs Acts
is carried out by the Surrey County Council.