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Bromley 1972

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Bromley]

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A total of 31 notifications of infective jaundice were received during the year, a
similar figure to the previous year when 35 cases were reported. The general pattern of the
infection continued to be of sporadic cases and the illnesses were generally mild in nature,
a wide range of age groups being affected. A single death from this cause occurred during
the year.
No case was notified during the year.
One case of malaria was reported during the year in the case of a resident who had
recently returned from Africa.
A total of 853 cases were notified during the year compared with 1,390 in 1971. Most
of the notifications related to children under the age of 15 years and the following table shows
the incidence of the infection in the Borough since 1965.
Year No. of cases notified
1965 5119
1966 1236
1967 4299
1968 398
1969 1041
1970 668
1971 1390
1972 853
There was an increase in the incidence of this infection compared with the previous
year, 21 cases being reported during the year compared with 8 during 1971. There were two
deaths reported.
One notification was received during the year.
No case of this infection was notified during the year.
This infection decreased slightly compared with the previous year.
No case occurred in 1970 but in accordance with the usual arrangements, it was
necessary for a number of travellers from overseas who had been possible contacts of the
infection to be kept under surveillance. Notification of these contacts was received from the
Port Health Authorities. Altogether 42 persons were placed under surveillance in this way during
the year.
The Department was called upon to authenticate the signature of the Doctor on 2,694
international certificates of vaccination during the year. The corresponding figure for 1971 was