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Barking 1926

[Report of the School Medical Officer for Barking

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With the exception of the Special School, no facilities exist at any of the others for the drying of children's clothes or boots.

School.Number of children who do not return home for midday meal.Whether facilities exist for heating of children's meals.Whether facilities exist for the drying of children's clothes and boots.
C.of E.Boys-NoSchool fires in winter only.
Girls,,„ „
Infants„ „
Ripple—Boys-,,„ „
Girls-,,„ „
Infants-,,„ „
CatholicMixed18-20,,„ „
Infants4,,„ „
GascoigneBoys8,,„ „
Girls2Gas ring„ „
InfantsNo„ „
WestburyBoys4,,„ „
Girls,,„ „
Infants,,„ „
North Street-— Boys5,,„ „
Girls2,,„ „
Infants2,,„ „
Crecksmouth-,,„ „
Castle—40-50Small stove in teachers' private room„ „
Faircross—All children stay at school for mid-day meal, the food being supplied from Municipal KitchenYesYes
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