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Barking 1926

[Report of the School Medical Officer for Barking

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Skin Diseases.—Most skin diseases fall within the group of Minor Ailments, the following being under treatmentduring

the year:—

Ringworm.Scabies.Impetigo.Other Skin Diseases.Minor injuries.
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Ringworm of the Scalp constitutes the most difficult problem
to be dealt with necessitating in every case the services of a competent
radiologist, the consensus of opinion now being that
treatment other than by X-rays is of very doubtful utility, necessitating
even if successful a protracted period of exclusion from
school—six months or more. For parents who consent to X-ray
treatment this is carried out by Dr. Kennedy.
As previously, the cleansing station proved a valuable adjunct
in the treatment of Scabies, 14 cases being dealt with during the
Dental Defects.—Statistics dealing with the year's work will
be found under Table IV, Group IV, of the Appendix, while the
Dental Surgeon's Report appears separately on pages 32 and 33.
Crippling Defects and Orthopaedics.—This subject has been
specially dealt with by Mr. Whitchurch Howell, F.R.C.S., Orthopaedic
Surgeon, whose report appears separately on pages 28
to 31. 11 monthly visits were paid by Mr. Howell during the
year, while 159 sessions of 3 hours were attended by the masseuse.
13 children were treated by massage, 5 by electricity, 2(3
by re-educational exercises, while 8 children were admitted to
Brookfteld Orthopaedic Hospital or Queen's Hospital, Hackney,
for special surgical treatment. Ultra violet light forms part of the
routine treatment for many conditions of and under school age,
13 of the former and 25 of the latter being so treated during the
Total attendances at this Clinic during the year numbered

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