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Barking 1926

[Report of the School Medical Officer for Barking

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the Clinic, the necessity for further attendance at hospital
being thus minimised. Cases where treatment is not obtained
elsewhere and which fall within the category of Minor Ailments
are dealt with at the school Clinic.
It is gratifying to notice that of the number of children referred
for treatment during the year, 59.45 were found to have
been treated, compared with 56.79 in 1925.

A summary of the work of the two school nurses during the year is as follows:—

No. of visits to schools220
No. of visits to schools for medical inspection116
No. of home visits in connection with:—
(a) Routine Medical Inspections2989
(b) Infectious Disease533
(c) Uncleanliness inspections278
(d) Non-attendance for treatment, etc.603
No. of children cleansed at cleansing stations120
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The presence of defects having been ascertained, provision
is made for treatment as follows:—
Parents are notified as to what has been found, and requested
to make arrangements for medical attention either locally, if
possible, or with neighbouring hospitals or institutions. There
are numerous conditions, minor ailments especially, which would
escape attention altogether unless the authority arranged for
their official attention.
The number of cases referred for treatment will be found in
the sub-divisions of Table II, while the numbers treated, and
whether by the authority's scheme or not are set forth in
Table. IV.

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