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Barking 1926

[Report of the School Medical Officer for Barking

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The number of children examined as entrants, intermediates and leavers, besides those examined otherwise than during routine inspection, together with the percentage of defectives found, is furnished by the subjoined table:—

Entrants.IntermediatesLeavers.Specials.Other Routine Examinations.Total.
No. of children examined10387386771531422748
No. referred for treatment2011721349418619
No. referred for observation1861341014110472
Percentage of defective children37.241.434.788.219.739.7
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The proportion of children, whose parents were present at
school examination, was 60.7 per cent., compared with 65.5 per
cent. daring the preceding year.
The number of children on the school register on 31st December,
1926, was 6,855, compared with 6,794 on 31st December, 1925.
During the year, the Medical Officer paid 116 visits to 22
departments for inspection purposes, examinations being con
ducted throughout the year on the various school premises
Certain cases of defect were, as in previous years, referred to the
School Clinic for further examination and treatment. Very little
disturbance of school routine is occasioned by these inspections,
the convenience of teachers being followed as far as possible.
The following table shows the number of children examined
at routine and special inspections during 1926, classified according
to the schools attended, the number of inspections held in
each school and the number of parents or guardians present:-

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