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Barking 1961

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Barking]

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TYPE OF PROPERTY (Non Agricultural)
1. Local Authority2. Dwelling Houses (inc. Council Houses)3. All other (inc. Business Premises)4. Totals of Cols. 1, 2 and 3.
(c) Otherwise (e.g. when visited for some other purpose--183183
3. Total inspections carried out including re-inspections (To be completed only if figures are readily available)----
4. Number of properties inspected in Sec.2 which were found to be infested by:----
(a) RatsMajor_---
(b) MiceMajor----
5. Number of infested properties (in Sec.IV) treated by the L.A. (Figures should not exceed those given in Sec.IV)48161217426
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Disinfestation of Verminous Premises
During the year we received complaints from nineteen premises of vermin infestation.
The total premises comprised:-
Barking Council Houses 10
London County Council Houses 9
Privately owned -
The Council also provide free to residents insecticides for use in domestic
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